Formation CROSSDEV : la méthodologie des "Routes Culturelles du Conseil de l'Europe"

In collaboration with the European Institute of Cultural Routes, CROSSDEV is organising an internal training on the methodology of the “Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe”.

Launched in 1987, the Cultural Routes Programme was born “to enhance the richness and the diversity of the European cultures and countries and to render shared European cultural identities into a tangible reality, beyond political and ideological divergences, which divided the European continent for centuries”.

Held online on the 8th of April, the seminar will be led by Mrs. Carolina Clark, Project Manager at the European Institute of Cultural Routes and attended by all CROSSDEV partners from Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

The seminar will respond to 3 main questions on the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe:

  1. What is this institution and what are its scopes?
  2. How to get from idea to project?
  3. What are the certification criteria and the evaluation cycle?

For more info on the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Programme, visit:


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