FISHMEDNET highlights Mediterranean fragrances of Marceddì in Sardinia, Italy

Fabio Cadelano is one of the few 'young' full-time fishers found in Sardinia who operates his boat from the coastlines of Marceddì. Along with his father, he and other fishers run the Arennera pescatourism where they have managed to make the fishers' lifestyle an attractive portal for visiting tourists. In complete respect of the nature they operate by alternating these two activities in order to upkeep a steady livelihood and manage to enthrall their clients by taking them on coastal tours in the vicinity of Marceddì, on the west coast of Sardinia. Clients, through Arennera, manage to experience the life of a fisher for one day and are rewarded also by taking a dip in the cool, yet tropical-looking waters of Sardinia, as well as, eating the fish they catch while onboard. He represents one of the many objectives FISH MED NET aims for by having a younger generation of fishers approaching the fishery world and making a fun and immersive experience for themselves and for those who want to learn more about the cultural values or the area. This video was used for promoting the day of the Mediterranean celebrated on the 28th November each year, where we asked him "What does the Mediterranean mean according to the five senses".