Fashion Restart : découvrez les tendances des prochaines saisons dans le webinaire en ligne organisé par TEX-MED ALLIANCES

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Within the framework of ‘Fashion Restart’, one of the initiatives of the TEX MED ALLIANCES project, a fashion webinar will take place on the 3rd of November. This event, organized by the Greek partner SEPEE (Hellenic fashion industry association), will focus on fashion trends for the next seasons.

After the welcome address by Theofilos Aslanidis, General Manager of SEPEE, some fashion specialists such as Venetia Koutsou, fashion expert/fashion design lecturer will present fashion trends for women for 2022-23 autumn and winter seasons. For this presentation of the seasonal trends, we'll talk about visual concepts and keywords, concerning colors, materials, patterns, and specific products. 

This event also will show trends for the spring and summer of 2022. Venetia Koutou will discuss new inputs about colors, silhouettes, and the season’s best of.

If you are interested in participating in this fashion webinar, please register at the following link:

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