Événement en ligne CROSSDEV: Les nouvelles technologies pour la transition du tourisme de masse vers le tourisme durable

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A round table on the opportunities offered by technology to encourage and support the necessary change of perspective from mass tourism to sustainable tourism and the active involvement of local communities in promoting sustainable tourism experiences.

The 2030 Agenda, the tourists, the environment, the communities are demanding this: about turn!

Today, technology allows us to discover and promote less-known destinations and to create new forms of travel, with high experiential value and low impact on the territory.

Led by the NGO CISP - International Committee for the Development of Peoples, leader of the CROSSDEV project - experts from international cooperation, institutions, academia, business and civil society organisations discuss the digitisation of tourism heritage, a key tool to go back and discover the world, its inhabitants and its natural, historical and cultural wonders in a sustainable way.

The online event is free and will be held in Italian via Zoom. It will also been live streamed on CISP's social mediaYouTube and Facebook.

Click here to download the full programme (in Italian).

The event is part of the 2021 Italian Sustainable Tourism Festival.



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