EURAF2020 – LIVINGAGRO à la conférence européenne de l'agroforesterie


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On next May 18th to 20th 2020 in Nuoro, Sardinia, the 5th European Agroforestry Conference (EURAF) will be held. EURAF is the biennial initiative of the European Agroforestry Federation aimed at fostering the science and practice of agroforestry across the European continent and beyond. The event brings together researchers, policy makers, agriculture and forest extension technicians, farmers, students to share and discuss current and emerging environmental and socioeconomic issues related to agroforestry.

Agroforestry (as a practice of integrating woody vegetation with crop and animal systems) for the transition towards sustainability and bio-economy is the guiding thread of this 5th edition of the Conference, that ties together the main four themes at the centre of the debate:


  •     Agroforestry, ecosystem services, landscape and rural development


  •     Agroforestry systems and innovations


  •     Agroforestry and policy for sustainable development


  •     Agroforestry, education, dissemination


What better occasion to disseminate, promote and capitalize LIVINGAGRO project?


The Conference Programme includes Plenary and Parallel Sessions as well as regional Study Tours seeing the participation of internationally acknowledged speakers and of a multitude of stakeholders at European level, in this sense, a gluttonous occasion and opportunity for networking and spreading LIVINGAGRO project activities, outputs and results.

EURAF2020 is organized with the local support of UniNuoro and of the Regional Forest Agency for Land and Environment of Sardinia (Fo.Re.S.T.A.S.) in collaboration with several Italian public and private research institutions, national, regional and local authorities, associations, all dealing with agroforestry at different levels. Sardinia has been selected as the ideal setting for hosting EURAF2020, as the Island well represents the Mediterranean environment where agroforestry, embodied by a mosaic of historical rural landscapes, plays a strategic agro-ecological role for rural development.

For any further information please refer to the EURAF2020 official website at at or contact the organizing committee at


IMPORTANT: Call for abstracts is still open and expires on January 31st 2020, contributions are more than welcome!

Detailed activities and contributions referred to LIVINGAGRO project within EURAF2020 will be announced within a further news, stay tuned!