Espagne : ESMES forme une équipe d'étudiants et d'enseignants au suivi des consommations énergétiques de leur école


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As part of ESMES activities to monitor energy consumption in order to implement the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency plan in selected public schools, the energy team (ET) at IES Bernat Guinovart public high school were given a second training on the data collection system and the online platform that were installed at the school. 

The first training was dedicated to show ET members the main action lines and remember the different steps to renovate their school buildings thanks to ESMES´s action. The second training presented the results of IES Bernat Guinovart energy audit and explained how the data collection system works and how to revise energy data consumption. Moreover, it outlined the role within ESMES project assigned to ET members which is mainly to fine-tune action plans and monitor school electricity consumption based on the installed collection systems.