ESMES travaille sur la configuration des équipements photovoltaïques pour optimiser la consommation d'énergie dans les écoles publiques


One of the main goals of ESMES project is the optimization of energy consumption in public schools through innovative, monitoring-based renewable energy and energy efficiency pilot actions. This will require custom innovative photovoltaic (PV) designs, that consider the electric load behavior, the existing electric grid conditions, and specific location environmental factors. To meet project goals, The German Jordanian University, ESMES Jordanian partner, held several virtual meetings with industrial partners and stakeholders.

The first virtual meeting was held with Solis Depot, a lead supplier of PV equipment in Jordan. In this meeting, the company presented an overview of newly available technologies and how these technologies may be deployed to meet ESMES goals.

After this meeting, a follow-up meeting was held with both Solis Depot and Huawei regional office in the United Arab Emirates. This meeting entailed a more detailed discussion on project-specific technical needs, and how to collaborate with the two companies’ research and development departments, in addition to the possible involvement of ENcombi ApS from Denmark which is a company that works towards a global transition into green energy through creating easy and universal energy management control. These fruitful meetings will lead to customizing existing cutting-edge market available equipment to meet ESMES’ innovative PV design strategies.