ESMES lance en Italie le "Schools Contest" parmi 6 écoles publiques sur l'importance de la consommation d'énergie durable


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In the framework of ESMES communication activities, on the 24th of March 2022, at the "Citadel of Youth" Auditorium of the Alcamo Municipality, the European Policy office presented the "Schools Contest " of ESMES project.

The mayor of Alcamo, Domenico Surdi and the Investments Councillor, Vittorio Ferro, presented the contest, that will involve six public schools that will compete until the end of the school semester. The institutes participating in the contest are: Pirandello, Radice, Europa, Navarra Montessori e Verga schools. 

The aim of the contest is to raise students' awareness on the importance of adopting sustainable energy behaviors and improving their behaviors to reduce schools’ energy consumption.

The contest will reward the school that performs better in terms of energy consumption: ESMES team has installed smart meters in the schools and has trained the "Energy Team" to track and monitor energy consumption in real-life. The Energy Team is also in charge of training and raise awareness of students on the importance of the reduction of energy consumption. 

At the end of the monitoring period, school performances will be compared and the ESMES team will award the Energy Team that has presented the best strategy in terms of energy management reduction, and that has presented the lowest energy consumption.