Entrepreneuriat vert : le projet GIMED identifie 25 investisseurs potentiels en Palestine

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In Palestine, the lack of control over natural resources such as water and soil limits the economy from producing sustainable solutions.

It is the scarcity of natural resources and natural threats that young and innovative green businesses try to solve through innovative business solutions. However, uncontrollable external risks make it difficult to finance these ideas and support green solutions.

Moreover, an often immature green financial system represents a crucial obstacle for green investments such as providing credit and insurance to enable large and small businesses to make investments and manage the risks they face.

While largely depending on traditional bank lending, normally quite resilient to allow credit, green SMEs struggle to finance riskier projects like innovation and investments in non-tangible goods. That is why alternative solutions have to be mapped to guarantee to these green SMEs the appropriate access to finance; a precondition that allows them to innovate.

In Palestine, the GIMED project and its local partner Leaders Organization recently mapped 25 potential finance sources for green companies to which the beneficiary of the project, after a period of training in green business development, eco-design, access to finance and access to market, will propose their green business and innovative solutions for investments. 

The GIMED project ("Green Impact MED Project - Positive Investments for Positive Impacts") aims at boosting the development of eco-innovative ventures in order to create employment and drive the green and circular economy in the Mediterranean.