Égypte : 25 acteurs discutent sur comment améliorer la vie des personnes âgées lors de l'atelier TEC-MED


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 More than 25 representatives of the Egyptian government in the field of health and social care for the elderly, representatives from civil society organizations, and the scientific research sector discussed the proposed model in the Mediterranean region during a workshop held on the 27th of October 2020 in Cairo.

The aim of the workshop, organized by the Egyptian partners of the TEC-MED project - the Academy of Science, Research and Technology and SEKEM for development foundation were to present the TEC-MED Model, a transcultural social-ethical-care model for elderly dependent or at risk of social exclusion in the Mediterranean basin, and collaborate with proposals for its Action Plan.

The main objective of the project is to create a transcultural, ethical, and social model for the care of the elderly dependent population in the Mediterranean basin.

An Intervention Framework is the pillars that guide the construction of a model. A model is the way of understanding or interpreting these pillars or conceptual bases. The TEC-MED model is a theoretical framework that is interpreted with the TEC-MED vision to respond to the model's mission and vision.

  • Vision: Worthy care for the elderly.
  • Mission: promote quality services based on a socio-ethical and cross-cultural model for the elderly in the Mediterranean basin.

The dimensions of the theoretical framework of the model are: subject of care, health and social care providers, care environment and service delivery, governance, financing, technology.

The studies, laws, and legislation that focus on the rights of the elderly were reviewed along with the gaps in the current systems in Egypt and in the partner countries. The outputs were then analyzed and a social care model was created.

The first part of the workshop was focused on the presentation of the TEC-MED Model by explaining the already identified dimensions of this model.

The second part of the workshop was focused on the presentation of the outline of the main lines of the proposed action plan.

During the third part,  the attendees collaborated with proposals for the TEC-MED Model´s Action Plan.

The importance of the TEC-MED model for the Mediterranean countries

  • The most critical challenge encountered with the elderly is providing a suitable social and health care model for them especially the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases and lack the necessary support.
  • The lack of inclusion of elderly in many plans in different countries causes their marginalization.
  • The countries of the Mediterranean basin share the same challenges in terms of the lack of efficient and practical social support and the need for innovative and sustainable social and ethical models of care.

According to the framework set by the TEC-MED project, this model of social care will serve both dependent and/or chronically ill elderly people, in addition to those exposed to Covid-19 and lacking the necessary support.

Finally, this model will serve caregivers who are working in social care and non-governmental/ governmental organizations from the model in terms of improving the different services provided.