Égypte : MAIA-TAQA va mettre en place une centrale solaire photovoltaïque en réseau de 100 kWc sur le «marché de gros d'El Ameria» d'Alexandrie


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The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA), Egyptian project partner, has successfully awarded and signed a contract with OneraSystems for its MAIA-TAQA tender for the design, installation and commissioning of an on-grid PV solar plant of 100 kWp including battery storage in the Alexandrian pilot area, El Ameria wholesale market.

After careful, thorough and impartial review of 21 tender pack requests, 4 fully submitted tenders and conducting of a candid scoring system, CEEBA was able to award the tender to the suitable and highly praised Egyptian company, OneraSystems which had passed the admin and technical evaluation checks.

The company was chosen based on carefully selected criteria indicating the quality of its technical offer, international and Egyptian experience, invertor solution, fencing solution, implementation time, proposed equipment quality, price and more.  

OneraSystems is one of the leading providers of clean, efficient and reliable energy through integrated solutions and the integration of solar energy sources with fuel cells & wind turbines to consumers in the Middle East.

The MAIA-TAQA pilot area in Alexandria, Egypt is El Ameria Wholesale market, established on an area of 40 thousand squared meters, is located roughly 300 meters off the busy Cairo- Alexandria desert road.

The fruit and vegetables market includes 207 stores with areas ranging between 50 to 150 squared meters, which are open 24 hours a day on all 7 days of the week. The market is currently provided with the main basic services and facilities.

Energy and electricity are used to power refrigerators, fans and lighting appliances as well as for street lights within the market, administration building and utilities such as the cafeteria, water pumps, etc. The market's electricity use over a recent period amounts to 163.000 kWh and cost approximately 246.000 EGP (€ 13.000).  

MAIA-TAQA will significantly help enhance workers', investors' and consumers' experiences by funding the generation of clean, renewable energy and subsequently reduce the market's expenses for the use of electricity to a great extent. The market would essentially need a 100-kW photovoltaic system to fully cover its energy needs, which will be designed, installed and commissioned by the awarded company, OneraSystems.