Eco-driving, smart simulators and technological transfer in transports: Interviews given by an Italian local TV to TECHLOG project staff and to key managers of the transport enterprises

Through the activation of the Western and Eastern Living Labs, TECHLOG aims to stimulate innovation by transferring research from laboratories to real contexts where users are invited to cooperate with researchers and developers to contribute to the innovative process as a whole. 

This long interview produced by TELESARDEGNA, Italian local TV tries to give an overview on the main aspects covered by the project, involving:

- Prof. Gianfranco fancello, scientific coordinator, UNICA, CIREM, Italy

- Prof. Patrizia Serra, technical coordinator, UNICA, CIREM, Italy

- Dr. Carla Piras, CIREM financial manager, UNICA, Italy

- Mr. Vincenzo Corazza, CTO CEO, Top Manager in the transport and logistics area in the south Sardinia

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