Du berceau à la tombe : les jeunes entrepreneurs de GIMED relèvent les défis de la durabilité dans la chaîne alimentaire

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In the agri-food supply chain management, some phases can have a significant impact on the sustainability of the entire process. The webinar will host the participation of four youth entrepreneurial projects supported by the European Program for Cooperation in the Mediterranean addressing four different sectors (fishing, oil production, beer production and food distribution) that will present their innovative approaches oriented at sustainability in the management of production, marketing, distribution and waste management processes. In this session different entrepreneurs trained by GIMED in Italy will participate:

The participating projects will be:

  • RISACCA: an ethical fashion and sustainable design project based in Mazara, Italy, based on the regeneration of fishing nets. The project is in the launch phase: the first products have already been designed, the artisans identified and the first online sales campaign will soon be launched.
  • BONIVIRI: innovative start-up and benefit company that markets high quality agri-food products (mainly oil) guaranteeing the offsetting of  CO2 emitted by the supply chain through reforestation projects.
  • FA BENE: project of a digital platform offering food purchasing services, supporting the development of local sustainable small businesses. Initially focused on the provinces of Agrigento and Trapani. The company is set up, the various strategic alliances are operational (Slow Food, Legambiente, etc.) and it aims to start operations by the end of the year.
  • ECOS-MED: a project for the valorisation of waste from the beer processing chain (spent grain) for the production of bioplastics, based in Messina. The technical analyses for the new material produced are being finalised and a fundraising campaign has already been launched to set up the first factory.


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