Discover CLUSTER's training opportunities targeting young people and women in 7 Mediterranean countries!

After months of desk and field research aiming to identify the sustainable labour market needs as well as the employment needs of young people and women across the Mediterranean, we are glad to announce that CLUSTER is about to launch its NEETs (people Not in Education, Employment or Training)  training programme!

These trainings cover four sustainable economy sectors (Blue, Green, Circular Economy and Sustainable Agriculture) complemented by Soft Employment Skills training. 

The programme will start with online courses, followed by hands-on practical courses held on-site in each of the 7 countries. Finally, the trainees who successfully complete these steps will get the chance to undertake remunerated (up to) 3-month internships in companies operating in these sustainable sectors!

Stay tuned so that you can enhance your knowledge and skills in the innovative fields of the labour market!