Découvrez comment les solutions basées sur la nature peuvent stimuler l'utilisation non conventionnelle de l'eau dans les ménages. Une nouvelle animation vidéo de NAWAMED (disponible en 4 langues)


Ce contenu est disponible uniquement en anglais

An animated video describing the NAWAMED project, from the problems tackled to the solutions proposed, is now available in English on youtube.

It is also possible to watch the video subtitled in Italian, French and Arabic

This video, produced by Brand Gnu for Iridra S.r.l., with the support of the EuroMediterranean Centre for the Sustainable Development – SVI.MED. (Nawamed partners) is the result of an extensive work of synthesis to allow people to quickly understand the importance of reusing water at the domestic level and how to do it. 

Being part of the change at a global level means starting with a drop of water saved in schools, universities, municipalities... even in your house

The animated video informs the general public on the Nature-Based Solutions, thus the constructed wetland systems.

Plants, bacteria and soil provide the perfect conditions to get an efficient, self-purification of water

At the same time, Nawamed partners introduce the use of Non-Conventional Water, explaining how greywater is an important resource to valorise also at the urban level.   

On a daily basis, turning on the tap and washing your hands, water becomes immediately wastewater and pipes carry it away. WHY?

How much drinking water could be saved?

Multisectoral and multidisciplinary synergies play a key role in implementing the solutions proposed during the NAWAMED project and in upscaling and mainstreaming them after the end of the project. 

Decision-makers, researchers, students and citizens play a role in designing a sustainable future

The video ends with a “call to action” for all the stakeholders and decision-makers in the NAWAMED countries (Italy, Malta, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan), and, in general, in the Mediterranean regions, that often suffer poor access to good quality water.    

Let's join our forces to boost the use of non-conventional water and invest in nature-based solutions!