Déchets organiques : le projet DECOST sur le point de mettre en place le compostage communautaire dans la municipalité d'Anabta, Palestine

Albert Palou

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After the first months of implementation of the DECOST pilot experience in Les Masies de Roda, Spain, another town will integrate community composting as the main system to deal with its organic waste thanks to this ENI CBC Med project. The town of Anabta, in the region of Tulkarem in Palestine, is advancing very rapidly in the preparations to implement the new model.

The collaboration between the local government, the first one to sign an agreement with the DECOST consortium, and the Palestine Technical University Kadoorie has allowed them to design a new system based on community composters tadapted to the social and climatic reality of this region.


Community composting in urban areas is a totally innovative waste management system in the majority of Mediterranean regions, both north and south. To succeed in the DECOST implementation it is vitally important to learn how to adapt the community composting systems to a widest range of realities, which will be possible thanks to the combination of pilot activities in Spain, Italy, Jordan and Palestine and the direct knowledge obtained from the partners from Greece and Israel.


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