DE LA SCIENCE AU DROIT: LIVINGAGRO rencontre le Centre d'Excellence Jean Monnet «DROITS & SCIENCE» de l'Université de Pérouse pour établir un partenariat thématique efficace


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On last 17th of February 2021 the informal capitalization and networking meeting between LIVINGAGRO and the Jean Monnet “Rights & Science” Excellence Centre took place virtually within LIVINGAGRO project activity 2.3.2 having the aim to share achieved results and best practices by the two concerned projects and identify possible collaboration opportunities with particular reference to issues related to law applied to science and research.

In addition to some representatives of the Leading Beneficiary of LIVINGAGRO project and of two representatives of the “Rights & Science” Excellence Centre of the Perugia University, the meeting saw the attendance of JTS officers Khaled ElSaadany & Zied Kbaier. Shared contents and discussion points of the webcall included a general overview of the two projects in addition to a deepening of technical and theme-related issues referred to the legal and societal aspects of science and innovation which will directly affect the development and delivery of some LIVINGAGRO outputs and, this fore, the achievement of expected results.
As a result of the open discussion, the representatives of the two involved projects identified several points of convergence and agreed, in particular, to collaborate on the following issues:

  • Intellectual property rights linked to innovations to be developed within LIVINGAGRO project;
  • Patents to be achieved within LIVINGAGRO project (LIVINGAGRO activity 4.4.1 and 4.4.2);
  • Rights-based and legal aspects related to the establishment of the open-innovation ICT platform (LIVINGAGRO activity 3.1.3);
  • Legal and ethical issues linked to sharing and exchange of personal/sensitive data (privacy issues) and other data;
  • Development of the e-learning modules, some of which could be devoted to deepening legal and rights-related aspects linked to research, intellectual property etc. (LIVINGAGRO activity 3.1.8);
  • Formalization of research agreements (LIVINGAGRO activity 3.3.1) and of Public-Private Partnership agreements (PPPs, LIVINGAGRO activity 3.1.11).

A first practical collaboration opportunity will be realized thanks to the joint organization of a dedicated capitalization workshop among the three foreseen within LIVINGAGRO project activity 2.3.2 to be held at the beginning of April 2021, which will focus on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) addressing, among others, sustainability of the LIVINGAGRO Living Labs to be established (olive multifunctional system and grazed woodlands).