Cours en ligne de PROSIM sur la gestion durable des ressources en eau en milieu semi-aride


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One of the main objectives of PROSIM project is to build partners knowledge and competences on irrigation systems solutions through cross-border joint work and support. In the framework of the activity “Implementation of study visit on mixed waters solutions in Spain for Project partners” an e-learning course was organized the 7th and 8th or April 2021 by the Project partner CEBAS-CSIC (Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura) on “Sustainable Water Resources Management Under Semi-Arid Environment”.

In the presence of the project partners from Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, and Italy, as well as associate partners from Egypt and Morocco, speakers from various private and public organizations presented the current state of art in non-conventional water use, wastewater treatment technologies and current Research & Development projects.

During the first day, presentations started with the welcoming from Dr. Juan Alvarez the Director of CEBAS-CSIC where he presented an overview of the current research and activities of the research center. It was followed by Dr Francisco Pedrero a senior researcher in CEBAS irrigation department. The presentation focused on agricultural management practices for risk reductions when using non-conventional water resources. The third presentation was done by Pedro Simon the Technical director of ESAMUR (Entidad Regional de Saneamiento y Depuración de Aguas Residuales). Mr Simon presented the management experience of the Murcia community in treated wastewater and level of reuse in the region. The last course was held by Dr Isabel Martin, Senior researcher at CENTA (Centro de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Agua) where she presented water reuse projects for agricultural irrigation.

The second day started with two presentations of AZUD company representatives. The presentations were done by Javier Juarez and Ignacio Diez. The presentation focused on technological solutions for water savings and optimization and on compact wastewater and desalinization modules. The third speaker, Dr Diego Intriglio, senior research and irrigation management specialist from CIDE-CSIC (Centro de Investigación sobre Desertificación) presented different water use efficiency strategies in agriculture. The last part of the e-learning course focused on water management at basin and district levels. Mrs. Ana Romero, Head of Service at the Segura Hydrographic Confederation, described the structure and management of the river basin and the technical and legal framework on the wastewater reuse in the basin. The last presentation was given by Mr Pablo del Amor, IT Manager of the Cartagena Irrigated District Water Users Association. The speakers presented an overview on the irrigation management at the district level.

This e-Learning course provided the opportunity to exchange with the speakers at the end of each day during Q/A sessions. These sessions allowed projects partners from the different Mediterranean countries to discuss presented matters with the speakers. Questions that were raised during the sessions varied from technical, legal, managerial, and scientific aspects. As one of its main objectives, during this course, the PROSIM project allowed exchange knowledge and experience among the partners.