COMMON et ISIA, cinq jours de travail sur les déchets marins avec les futurs designers italiens


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The COMMON project took part in the Roma Design Experience, a week of workshops organized by ISIA Istituto Universitario di Design  where various guests, including Organizations, Companies and Associations, launch a theme that students will develop with a group of internal professors from 18 to 22 January.

A new innovative educational format created by ISIA Roma Design to bring design education and the world of work closer together, giving voice to the major current issues, prefiguring new scenarios through the eyes of our young future designers.

Legambiente, as leader of the COMMON project, collected the students' interest in developing the theme of marine litter and the collection of plastics on the beaches and then, led a workshop dedicated to increasing awareness and sensitivity on the topic at the Mediterranean level.

The aim was to develop a product or system design project to support a communication campaign against marine litter, which was geographically located in the 5 pilot areas involved in the COMMON project: Maremma and Salento in Italy, Kuriat Island and Monastir in Tunisia and Tire in Lebanon. The students, in addition to welcoming the proposal with great enthusiasm, presented the result of their work on Friday 22 January, after five days of intense work. A great commitment and in-depth study of the project and the marine litter issue emerged, and a fruitful discussion on potential and critical issues related to the topic.

The COMMON project thanks Massimiliano Datti, ISIA director, professors Carlo Di Pascasio and Federica Spera, and Fedra Francocci of the Italian National Research Council for the opportunity.