Campagne BEach CLEAN du projet COMMON: la parole aux opérateurs balnéaires!


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The first edition of the BEach CLEAN campaign, an awareness campaign promoted by the COMMON project, aimed to address the emergency of marine litter on Mediterranean beaches, has led to the involvement of over one hundred tourist facilities in the Mediterranean area.
All, thanks to the link with their territory and the care of environmental sustainability, are committed to strengthening the link with tourists and fighting the problem of waste at sea. Among these, the Cochabamba Lido of Marina di Andrano, in Italy, a structure managed by "a large family".

"The beach has a twenty-year history, but for the last 5 years it has been managed not only by Salvatore Musarò, but also by Andrea Piscopiello. We are a big family; I am Andrea's partner. With us there are also his sisters, Barbara and Maria Giuliana, our brother-in-law Maurizio and my sister Anna Laura. And then other guys who are like younger brothers for us", told Daniela Alemanno, manager of the structure. "As soon as we got to know the COMMON project, we liked it right away".

Daniela, what do you think of the BEach CLEAN campaign and why did you decide to join?

“I believe that campaigns like yours are still essential to sensitize every person, child or adult, to take care of the sea and the environment in general. Joining this initiative makes our customers understand how much Cochabamba cares about the sea and taking care of it”.

Is there sensitivity to environmental issues in the area where your facility is located?

“Yes, but still not enough. Environmental care should be constant and not seasonal. Many of our guests are attentive, they appreciate the use of compostable and glass. Furthermore, in this summer marked by the COVID-19 emergency, I have not noticed substantial differences in the care of the coast. The only problem remains the amount of cigarette butts that are found on the beaches”.

What could be done to improve the relationship between tourists / tourist facilities and the environment?

“Municipalities should encourage recycling, equip the seafront with specific bins, fixed ashtrays, bags for pets. Furthermore, sanctions should not be lacking: they would channel the attention and, therefore, the education of the individual”.