Atelier FruitFlyNet-ii : une vue approfondie de la lutte intégrée contre les ravageurs

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The 1st Workshop of FruitFlyNet‐ii was held on 3rd of November 2020 marking the official start of the project. During the event, speakers from the research institutes participating in the project presented the methodology to develop a complete package solution for the farmer to e‐monitor the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) and the Medfly (Ceratitis capitata) pests.

The final solution will be based on a Location Aware System  (LAS) providing two prototypes, namely, the OliveFlyNet and the MedFlyNet. The optimized prototypes will be established and demonstrated in 8 large‐scale, olive, peach, and citrus crop sites, in three EU Member Countries (EUMC) and two MedPartner Countries (MPC).  The LAS will integrate Integrated Pest Management  knowledge and local farmers’ needs introducing novel and clean technologies enforcing  policy changes, at a rational cost. 

The embedded video contains the opening speeches as they demonstrated in the following programme of the event:


  • Welcome by Prof. Theodore Tsiligiridis, InfoLab, AUA  
  • Prof. Stavros Zografakis, Vice Rector of AUA  
  • George Stratakos, General Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development and Food  
  • Ioannis Maltezos, Vice Governor of Regional Unit of Argolis region  
  • Theodoros Vassilopoulos, Deputy Regional Governor of Western Greece for Rural  Development  
  • Dr. Khaled Elsaadany, Senior Expert, JTS, ENI CBC MED  

         Invited presentations  

  • Progress and potential of precision agriculture in IPM,  Prof. Enrique Quesada, UCO  
  • Advances and new perspectives for Ceratitis capitata management,  Prof. Andrea Sciarretta, UNIMOL  
  • New concepts for Bactrocera oleae management,  Assoc. Prof. Dionysios Perdikis, AUA  
  • FruitFlyNet‐ii: Project overview,  Prof. Theodore Tsiligiridis, AUA  
  • Discussion