Appel à manifestation d'intérêt : auditeur externe | SME4SMARTCITIES


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Centro Europeo de Empresa e Innovación (hereinafter, CEEIM) located in Murcia (Spain), Lead Beneficiary (LB) of the SME4SMARTCITIES Project, invites interested parties to submit a proposal-offer in accordance with the specifications described in the call for interest “Auditor Procurement | SME4SMARTCITIES”.

The deadline for submitting bids is the 29th of May 2020. 

More details are can be found here

About the SME4SMARTCITIES proect

As cities continue to grow, so is the number of challenges they are facing. Environmental, economic or social emerging issues call for new and unproven urban solutions. The increasing need for urban innovation will result in the development of a significant number of smart cities initiatives, creating new business opportunities for Mediterranean SMEs. If we want our cities to be efficiently managed and more livable for communities, public authorities and SMEs have to work together to come up with the best technological solutions. SME4SMARTCITIES will make this collaboration possible by reinforcing the capacities of Mediterranean cities and SMEs. On the one the hand, the project will help cities to be the front-runners of innovation, in particular through the use of Public Procurement of Innovative solutions. On the other hand, the project will support Mediterranean SMEs in order to guarantee that their products and services meet the expectations and needs of smart cities.