Appel d'offres ouvert: assistance technique pour le projet InnovAgroWoMed en communication, mise en réseau et sensibilisation


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The Center of  Arab Women for Training And Research (CAWTAR), partner of the InnovAgroWoMed project and leader of the Communication Work Package, is looking for a Communication, Networking and Raising Awareness Expert(s) (natural or legal persons) to provide technical assistance to the Project Communication Group. (See the Terms of reference)

Interested parties are invited to contact CAWTAR at to get the complet tender dossier which include: 

A.    Instructions to tenderers and contract notice
B.    template of contract agreement and special conditions with annexes:

  • I.      General conditions for service contracts 
  • II.     Terms of reference
  • III.    Organisation and methodology (to be submitted by the tenderer using the template provided)
  • IV.    Key experts (including templates for the summary list of key experts and their CVs 
  • V.     Budget (to be submitted by the tenderer as the financial offer using the template provided)
  • VI.    Forms and other supporting documents

C.    Other information:

  • I.     Administrative compliance grid
  • II.    Evaluation grid

D.    Tender submission form and declaration of honour on exclusion and selection criteria

Deadline: 20th of August 2020 at 01:00 PM (Tunis time).

Contracting Authority: Center of  Arab Women for Training And Research (CAWTAR).

InnoAgroWoMed is a 3 years project funded at 87% by the European Union (#eu) through ENI CBC Med program for a global amount of EUR 2,8 million. It is implemented by UTV (Beneficiary), CESIEJOVESOLIDESCAWTAR and ASALA (partners).

InnoAgroWoMed aims at boosting women labour participation and entrepreneurship, especially for those in the NEET segment, by leveraging on the potential of the agri-food sector, and showing a significant level of untapped potential in terms of innovation and growth in the Mediterranean.

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