FISHMEDENET in "Synergies for the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean Area"

The national thematic event "Synergies for the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean Area", will take place on Tuesday 4 October 2022 (9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.) within the framework of the "Governance Complementary Operational Programme of the National Programmes of the European Territorial Cooperation Objective 2014-2020" - PAC CTE. The initiative is promoted by the Lazio Region (Vice-Chair of the National Committee of the ENI CBC MED Programme), in cooperation with the Apulia Region (Co-Chair of the above-mentioned Committee and National Contact Point).   

The sectors of the blue economy and marine ecosystems will thus be deepened at several levels, with reference to the development of sustainable economy and through the subjects of the priority Axes of the ENI CBC MED 2014-20 Cross-Border Neighbourhood Programme. In fact, the intervention and direct testimony of the Italian beneficiaries of several funded Standard and Strategic projects (COMMON, MEDARTSAL, FISHMEDNET, TECHLOG, MYSEA, HELIOS, YEP-MED) are foreseen, on key topics related from time to time to environment and biodiversity, Euro-Mediterranean clusters, fishery and aquaculture, technology transfer and professional skills development of young people.

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