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FISH MED NET takes part in the first fishery festival in Sardinia, Italy

A migrating festival of four days revolved completely around the theme of fishery will unfold itself from the 28 until the 30 of September 2022 in the towns Cabras, Oristano and Marceddi, respectively, in Sardinia, to then conclude its journey back in Oristano on the 1st of October. The lagoons of Oristano will be at the center of the attention showcasing their sustainability as a model to look up to and replicate throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Those four days will be filled with events and round tables to better expose the importance of small-scale fisheries through various lenses from political aspects, gender differentiation, sustainability and more. FISH MED NET will be participating at the event to highlight those important values for which it is aiming for and will be conducting on the side also business-to-business (B2B) meetings with fishers, fish cooperatives, institutes, commercial entities (pertaining to the tourism, food and aquaculture sector) previously engaged in roundtables to bring them close together and begin the development of business alliances in an effort to cooperate and create win-win scenarios.

To learn more come to the festival and visit us at our stand during those days!




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