FISH MED NET - #MeetOurPartners 5: Economic & Social Development Centre of Palestine


Meet the partner of the FISH MED NET project : ESDC - Economic & Social Development Centre of Palestine

Economic & Social Development Centre of Palestine (ESDC) was established in 2003 as local Palestinian NGO. It is a member based organization, 55% of the general assembly representing 19 union, cooperative, and CBO.

ESDC’s Mission :

Enabling disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to engage in competitive economic activities.

Targeting :

  • Cooperatives
  • CBOs
  • Entrepreneurs (Men & Women)
  • Farmers and Fisheries
  • Small businesses owners

For the project, once that the clusters of fishery diversification MSMEs have been clearly identified thanks to the census, a market analysis will be carried out through common methodologies among all partners, also through consumers/users' interviews based on different 4 clusters identified. The data will be processed as basis for the Business Models. ESDC, as research center, will coordinate the Census and Market analysis. Deeper analysis will concern Gaza where fishery diversification was never explored.

Following to the collection of data and their elaboration, ESDC with other Partners will have the possibility to jointly set the 4 different Business Models (each potentially providing different specific product/services) on which the Business Alliances should be based, according to the common interests and potentiality of synergies. A set of common standards, in terms of processes or service/product quality will be defined for joining the Alliances and for obtaining the label.

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