FISH MED NET launches a platform on diversification services offered by fishermen


Rome, 4 November 2022- As part of the European project FISH MED NET, Legacoop Agroalimentare, Italian partner, together with the other four partnered countries (France, Palestine, Lebanon and Tunisia), has built a strong network of alliances between companies in the fishing industry that have decided to extend their activities in the fields of tourism, food, aquaculture and ecosystem services.  By accessing the site it will be possible to view all services fishers and fisher cooperatives offer to the general public and institutions.

The platform represents a promotional environment open to all fishers and fisher cooperatives in the Mediterranean fish industry wishing to expand their business and create commercial alliances.

"We have already received several requests to join in the platform through FISH MED NET that will further populate and diversify the current offer.  Any company wishing to promote its business can request the inclusion and illustrate the services " says Enrico Andreini, senior project manager.

 Tourists will find useful references of operators who carry out fishing tourism activities to explore the sea and become a "fisherman for a day" or accommodation managed by fishermen to fully experience the sea, through their knowledge, the flavours, the scents, and the stories related to fishing.

 "The multifunctionality of the fishing enterprise is a theme that characterises the debate on the future of the supply chain, continuously under pressure by increasingly stringent legislation, climate change that is causing many problems to our seas, pollution, and by the pressure of imports ", declares Cristian Maretti, president of Legacoop Agroalimentare. "In the face of all this, we are convinced that the multifunctionality of the fishing company does not represent a point of arrival, but a tool to create a system, create alliances and generate income."