FISH MED NET in Italy extends its deadline for the project manager´s vacancy

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Haliéus, Italian partner of FISH MED NET project, has extended the deadline for sending applications for the position of project manager.

Haliéus is looking for a Project Manager to boost the last 12 months of project implementation. The deadline of the call has been extended, so that those who are interested have time until the 8th September 2022 to send their application, attaching a CV and a short motivation letter to:, indicating in the object of the email “FISHMEDNET _ call for PM”

For more information, please see the attached file. 

About the FISH MED NET project :

The European Fishery Mediterranean Network (FISH MED NET) project was launched on September 1, 2019, and will run over a period of 36 months. The objective of this project is to provide considerable support to the artisanal fishing sector, with the aim of seizing opportunities for diversification and integration into other sectors. This project is co-funded by the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme 2014-2020 which brings together the coastal territories of 14 European and south Mediterranean countries for a more competitive, innovative, inclusive and sustainable Mediterranean area.


Background :

Haliéus is Partner of the Project FISH MED NET - Fishery Mediterranean Network (Ref A_A.1.2_0132, Grant Contract N° 33/1310 of 29/08/2019), co-funded by the ENI CBC MED Programme. The project aims to promote the social and economic development by stimulating the creation of innovative MSMEs in the Small-Scale fishery (SSF) sector on the two shores of the Mediterranean. To this scope, the project will create Business Alliances between the Mediterranean MSMEs active in fishery diversification, by providing them training, direct professional assistance for the development of new services/products, tools for improving their marketing (e-platform) and opportunities for PPPs.

Following to some constraints met during the project implementation period, initially planned from 1stSeptember 2019 to the 31st August 2022, the Partnership has demanded for an extension until the 31stAugust 2023. At the same time, the partnership demanded to Haliéus to support the Lead Partner and the other Partners in the technical implementation of the project in order to ensure a timely and proper realization of all activities and production of output. To perform the tasks requested by the partnership, Haliéus needs to appoint a Project Manager for the remaining months of implementation of the project.

Note: the actual contracting of the PM is subject to the finalization of the process of Major Amendment of the Project, which is estimated to occur at the beginning of September.


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