The first newsletter of NAWAMED project is ready to be launched!


NAWAMED project “Nature Based Solutions for Domestic Water Reuse in Mediterranean Countries” aims to improve urban water management and promotes the use of non-conventional water resources. 

This first e-newsletter tackles the following topics:

  • innovative, sustainable and low-cost treatment technologies to reduce the use of drinking water towards the use of unconventional resources for secondary uses: researches and studies;
  • water status and non-conventional resources  management: the situation around the involved Countries  (Italy, Malta, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan);
  • presentation of the pilot areas and buildings where vertical and horizontal constructed wetland plants for  stormwater and grey water treatment will be tested;
  • information on events.

The next newsletter, scheduled on 2021, will examine in depth the opportunities to learn more about the nature-based solutions by means of the development and monitoring of the NAWAMED pilot plants, thus the use of non-conventional water resources for schools, universities, public facilities and a refugee camps for saving drinking water.

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