Second risk committee meeting highlights priorities for IPMED project


Several topics were discussed during the meeting including the risk of delay of publishing the "Intellectual Property Rights Needs Assessment Report" which is fundamental output on which all the other outputs in the project are built.

The committee members therefore stressed that it is important to complete the final draft of the report and incorporate all the team's feedback and recommendations in it before it is approved by the project's Quality Board members.

The committee also discussed the critical timing for conducting local workshops and awareness sessions, in order to enable the targeted attendees, facilitate access to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), enhance commercialization, and strengthen IPR-related knowledge and awareness.

The involved partners confirmed organizing more awareness sessions about the project in cooperation with national agencies, innovation brokers, incubators, Universities; using virtual platform tools in order to be compliant with the social distancing requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, Agora Institute confirmed its readiness in organizing the training seminars which will be held online and will be similar in content for the involved targeted groups in the four partners' countries.

A major risk that was given attention to in the meeting was the continued uncertainty about travel restrictions imposed because of COVID-19, which are delaying the cross-border study visits in Thessaloniki in Greece, Liguria in Italy and Alicante in Spain.

The developing synergies with other relevant transnational projects were also discussed and agreed on by the committee.

IPMED project is implemented by a consortium of organizations where JEDCO of Jordan is the leader, and in partnership with Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Greece, FILSE in Italy, Agora Institute in Spain and Tunis Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tunisia. The project's budget is 1.194 million Euros, funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme for the Mediterranean Basin within the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI CBC MED), to develop small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), promote economic and social development and support innovative entrepreneurs’ projects.