Final INVESTMED Advocacy Session - Building an Enabling Environment for Entrepreneurs

This session had the objective of presenting the main outcomes of the INVESTMED project related to building an enabling environment for green, blue, cultural, and creative MSMEs in Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon, based on policy papers developed by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association. On the one hand, Mediterranean MSMEs face important challenges in terms of competitiveness, sustainability, internationalization and capacity to innovate which call for new solutions to ensure their growth and continued existence at the regional and national policy level. On this basis, the INVESTMED policy papers aim to address both economic, social and environmental challenges, supporting new, sustainable business opportunities for young people and women in three countries: Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.

The policy recommendations presented in the papers will be introduced to initiate the discussion about the key factors needed to facilitate entrepreneurial endeavours in the region. The themes with special focus are: education and skills, the regenerative economy, fostering social enterprises, and financial inclusion. The panel is composed of 4 researchers, authors of the 4 policy papers, and will be moderated by EMEA Senior Researcher, Dr. Yeganeh Forouheshfar.