EU-funded CROSSDEV trains 100+ students on sustainable tourism in Jordan


On August 9, the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) – partner of the CROSSDEV project –  organised a visit for one hundred students from Bani Kenana District and the Al-Qasbah District in Irbid (northern Jordan). The students participated in tourism activities in the ancient city of Umm Qais, organised by the project with the aim of developing positive trends in the field of sustainable tourism among youth.

Dr. Ahmed Freewan, CROSSDEV project manager from partner JUST, introduced the project as a way to promote economic and social development in the Mediterranean region through sustainable tourism.

The students learnt about how the CROSSDEV project in Umm Qais is developing various tourist itineraries - cultural, adventure, environmental and health - and how we involved parties working in the tourism sector, such as the local community or private and public organisations to develop sustainable tourism products that contribute to sustainable development and support local economy.

The CROSSDEV project aims to promote economic and social development in the Mediterranean region in five selected areas, including Umm Qais and Aqaba in Jordan, Via Selinuntina in Italy, Jabal Musa in Lebanon and the Palestinian Heritage Trail in Palestine, by promoting sustainability.

CROSSDEV also aims to develop positive trends and practices in the field of sustainable tourism enhancing the participation and commitment of locals.

Increasing the attractiveness of less known tourist destinations which are reach in cultural, historic, traditional and natural heritage, CROSSDEV contributes to drive more responsible tourists in the areas, while creating new job opportunities and partnerships.

Since its start, CROSSDEV collected data and information about the area and helped building partnerships and networks among locals working in the tourism field paving the way for a comprehensive and solid collaboration. It also developed a local logo to make Umm Qais more unique and attractive for tourists.

The students visited the historical site of Umm Qais, the Yarmouk Reserve, the Al Hemmah site with its hot springs as well as handicrafts shops.

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