ESMES in Tunisia gathered key stakeholders of the energy sector to take part in the first Energy Hub Meeting!


The first Energy Hub meeting took place the 14th of April 2022 and was attended by 24 key stakeholders from the energy sector in Tunisia, representatives from private companies, the electric utilities, members of universities and representatives from the ministry of education. The meeting served as a special occasion to discuss the challenges and opportunities present in the Tunisian energy sector and looking for shared solutions. Participants shared ideas on how to develop the knowledge and operational capacities of national, regional and local energy and educational institutions to increase the planning, implementation of sustainable energy interventions. 

ESMES staff led a discussion on the political and technical issues facing the renewable energy sector in Tunisia, the renovation of public buildings, best practices and investment opportunities. As a result of the first meeting, participants agreed on the importance of developing a strong national energy efficiency strategy, identifying research and development opportunities, capitalizing lessons learned from projects such as ESMES, with the aim of reviewing current policies. 

Part of the discussion also focused on the extension of the existing energy monitoring platform to other school buildings, the rehabilitation of low-voltage electrical networks (upgrade electrical cabinets, balancing, ....) to reduce Joule effect energy losses. On the same level, participants discussed the importance of improving the performance of lighting as an energy-consuming item so as to reduce the energy waste by negligence in lighting and air conditioning. In the list of recommendations, stakeholders underline the advancement and increase of installation of photovoltaic panels to strengthen the production of renewable energy

While reflecting on behavioural recommendations, participants underlined the role and importance of awareness campaigns as an energy-saving measure at local and national level. The National Agency for Energy Management´s(ANME) staff involved participants explaining ESMES contest activity implemented in schools with students. 

The meeting concluded with the wish to continue the discourse in the second hub meeting with more results to analyse and share!