ESMES in Spain concluded the energy rehabilitation works at The Miquel Burguera Special Education Center in Sueca!


Within the framework of the ESMES activities and according to the results obtained based on the evaluation criteria established in the terms of reference for the award of a grant by the Consorci de la Ribera, to a municipality for the rehabilitation of a public education centre in its municipal area; The Miquel Burguera Special Education Center in Sueca, which had achieved the highest score, was selected to be managed by the Spanish ESMES project partner because of its commitment to sustainability and energy savings.

The Sustainable Energy Action Plan presented by the municipality, based on a previous diagnosis of the school, was selected among the different applications submitted "for its greater impact in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions".

During the months of May and June 2023, the two planned actions were carried out in the school as described below:

  • The first consisted of the installation of a 51.52 KWp self-consumption photovoltaic solar plant. This system is complete with its corresponding reading and monitoring app that offers live solar and consumption data, and that allows maximizing the system in real time. Wth this intervention, it is estimated that approximately 50% of the center's electricity demand will be covered and CO₂ emissions will be reduced by more than 10 tons per year. 
  • The second intervention has focused on improving the energy efficiency of the center's lighting system, with the replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED technology lighting equipment, as well as presence/movement detectors in the center's common areas. This action has required an investment of 11,535.93 euros. As a result, it is estimated that there will be a 30% reduction in the electricity demand of the center's lighting system. In addition, CO₂ emissions will be reduced by 1 ton per year".

Between the two interventions, around 60,000 euros have been invested in the Miquel Burguera School to improve the energy sustainability of the center through the ESMES project. 

The Miquel Burguera Special Education Center in Sueca has moved to energy self-sufficiency following the implementation of an energy renovation plan carried out by Consorci de la Ribera and the City Council.

For more information on the works, follow the link:

Congratulations to the school!