ESMES project to launch call for proposals for the energy rehabilitation in public schools in Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia


Under ESMES project, a call for proposals will be launched in 4 countries (Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia) to award 4 sub-grants for the energy rehabilitation in public schools. The participants will have to realize and present a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEE) solution plans for the school in which they propose the intervention. Proposed rehabilitations integrate and apply the project innovative process and include a forecast of the potential impact on energy use and costs and of environmental benefits. The call will be awarded through several governmental bodies depending on the country’s regulations.

Four sub-grant calls will be published, one per country and depending on the country, eligible applicants will be schools as the case in Italy and Tunisia, public institutions in Spain, or private Energy Service Companies in Lebanon.

Applicant should submit an intervention plan for a school that includes an optimized portfolio of REEE solutions as the installation of customized photovoltaic systems and retrofitting interventions (windows, lamps, etc.).

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