ESMES partners share their best practices and technical aspects on energy management in public schools


ESMES organized it's first cross border thematic workshop on 15th and 16th February 2022 to discuss the output related to the ''Institutional capacity building for sustainable energy policy making & rehabilitation management activity”. The workshop has been a great occasion for partners to share topics of expertise, present national best practices and receive know-how from each others. 

In this framework, the ESMES project experts are planning to publish procedures for smart and sustainable energy management in public school buildings. The procedures are drafted and discussed thanks to the input and suggestion of all project partners, technical experts of public institutions. 

During the workshop, project partners have discussed and shared two main topics:

The first section was dedicated to the presentation of best practices, policies, procedures, regulations, laws, challenges and strategies for public school rehabilitation management. Partners exchanged their knowledge and experiences regarding the various examples presented; they learned about challenges and breakthroughs, suggesting solutions and winning strategies. 

The second section was dedicated to the analysis of the technical aspects of renewable energy solutions for school buildings. The German Jordanian University, partner on the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency rehabilitations, together with the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation, shared  their data-driven design approach,  starting from gathering data, modelling the system, finding optimal system size, to the designing of the Photovoltaic system