ESMES in Jordan awards a grant to a school in Aqaba to implement energy efficiency measures


One of ESMES project goals is to raise students’ awareness on the importance of adopting an adequate sustainable energy behavior, to reduce schools’ energy consumption.

The German Jordanian University (GJU) experts, partner of ESMES, have been training a group of teachers and students, “the Energy Team” (ET), providing them with guidelines on how to achieve energy savings and with tools to track energy consumption.

All the schools had to design an energy rehabilitation proposal to be submitted and evaluated by a committee composed by the GJU and the Ministry of Education of Jordan (MoE).

On the 3rd February 2022, the 10th schools for girls in Aqaba performed better in terms of the applicability and quality of the proposal regarding the energy saving and received the highest score in the school’s need analysis, to be awarded a 60.000 Euros subcontract.

GJU project coordinators, along with the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) project manager, lead beneficiary of ESMES, and project national coordinator visited the Aqaba Directorate of Education to inform the school of its win: the project delegation was greeted by the ministry office staff, the students, the school staff and the Director.