Energy efficiency: SEACAP 4 SDG shares outcomes and results in a three-day workshop in Aqaba, Jordan


A three-day workshop was recently conducted in Aqaba, Jordan, as part of the SEACAP 4 SDG project, funded by the ENI CBC Med Programme which aims to improve energy efficiency in public buildings in the Mediterranean region.

The first day of the workshop was for school staff on energy efficiency practices. Participants learned about ways to reduce energy consumption in schools, such as by installing LED lighting, improving insulation, and using energy-efficient appliances.

The second day of the workshop was for ASEZA municipality staff on a guide to the green procurement manual. Participants learned about the benefits of green procurement and how to use the manual to purchase more sustainable goods and services.

The last day of the workshop was the closing event for the project, on August 31st, during which participants discussed the outcomes and results of the project, sharing their ideas for future initiatives.

The workshop was a success and helped to raise awareness of energy efficiency in Aqaba. It is hoped that the knowledge and skills gained by participants will help to improve energy efficiency in public buildings in the city.