Eco-innovation in the fashion and textile industry: STAND Up! Final Capitalization Event


As the STAND Up! project comes to an end this September, experts, entrepreneurs and stakeholders gather in Tunis to share their experiences within the project in particular on the topics of 

  • The role of Open eco-innovation 
  • Intellectual Property Rights in the clothing and textile sector 
  • Support vouchers in green entrepreneurship 

See the event programme here

The objective of the event is to: 

  • To make the knowledge, the outcomes and the tools of STAND Up! widely accessible and exploitable
  • To spread innovative approaches and methodologies as drivers of eco-innovation
  • To help building know-how by raising awareness and improving communication of results in the specific field (T&C thematic cluster) at local, regional,national, Mediterranean and European level
  • To boost cross-border synergies and exchanges between project’s stakeholders
  • To support policy-oriented innovations and development by fostering the mainstreaming of good practices into local, regional, national and Euro- Mediterranean public policies

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