Dr. Georges Karam, Lebanese partner of TEC-MED, explains how they will reduce social isolation of elderly people and reduce care givers´ burden

Older adults are one of the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon especially given the current political, social, health, and financial crisis that we are going through. Older adults, their caregivers, and persons working with this age group are in need of support during these tough times and governmental and non-governmental organizations are working relentlessly in decreasing the burden of this situation.

TEC-MED is a cross-cultural project that is being implemented in several countries across the Mediterranean, and for Lebanon specifically, this project is the light at the end of the tunnel during these tough times. The Institute for Development, Research, Defense, and Applied Attention, (IDRAAC), TEC-MED Lebanese partner, has been working along with the other partners in the different countries to implement the project in Lebanon and begin with the pilot stage.