Discovering the pilot sites of GreenBuilding project – part 3 : towards a cost-effective building energy refurbishment at the Prefecture of Laconia in Greece!


GreenBuilding project promotes the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures in public buildings. The project will support 3 cost-effective public buildings energy refurbishment in Greece, Tunisia and Jordan. One of the energy refurbishments will take place at the Prefecture of Laconia in Greece!

Prefecture of Laconia is more than ten years old (2008) and located Sparta, Greece.The municipality building consists of the basement and two floors.
This building is often crowded during working hours (approximately 9 hours/day). Region of Peloponnese (Greece) is responsible for this pilot case.

Actual energy consumption of residential buildings is directly related to occupants’ behavior, and to construction and financial parameters, e.g. building actual occupancy profile during the day; domestic hot water (DHW) production; operating profile of electromechanical (E/M) systems; energy performance of space heating or cooling (H&C) by age/maintenance; thermostat control space H&C; actual state of structural and E/M elements; total floor area; possible space H&C of part of building; energy sources used, including renewables (solar collectors, photovoltaics); available energy sources, as biomass in rural areas; energy cost or fuel subsidies, especially in coldest climate zones; energy cost on islands, higher owing to transport; and financial state of occupants that impacts energy consumption habits. 

Greek office buildings have high average annual total energy consumption leading to high concern on energy efficiency. Greek pilot uses oil for heating. It has two cooling units, housed on the 3000-m² roof. Heating and cooling is achieved through fan coil units. Electrical power is used for cooling, and energy is managed by Building management system (BMS).

  • Number of employees: 120 persons
  • Number of citizens/visitors: 380 persons/day

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