Discover MedRiSSE roadmaps and toolkit to replicate good practices in the Mediterranean

On Thursday 13th of April 2023 at 11:30 am (CEST), An-Najah National University (ANNU) in Palestine and the partnership of the MedRiSSE project kindly invites you to discover MedRiSSE roadmaps and toolkit to replicate good practices of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the Mediterranean in a new webinar to harvest learning and knowledge.

Our colleague Camilla Guasti from the Italian partner ARCO (Action-research for Co-Development)/PIN S.c.r.l will present and explain 5 good practices to support the SSE in the Mediterranean region and inspire similar initiatives in other contexts.

This webinar will provide answers to the following key questions: What are the Replicability Roadmaps and their objective? What is their targeted audience and how are they useful for readers? What are the key findings of the 5 analyzed good practices? Where can readers access the Replicability Toolkit & the 5 Roadmaps?

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