The Directorate General of Antiquities - Lebanon is seeking to hire a cultural heritage expert in gamification strategies for MED GAIMS project


As part of the MED GAIMS project, the Directorate General of Antiquities (DGA) - Lebanon is seeking to hire an external Cultural Heritage Expert for the project. This is a project funded by the ENI CBC Med Program to promote gamification in tourism ( The assignment should cover the preparation of gamification strategies for Lebanon. Payment will be made in Euro.

Scope of Work 
The selected expert should work in close relationship with the project manager. His tasks are to:
•    Prepare a comprehensive planning report on gamification strategies for heritage sites in Lebanon ; 
•    Participate in developing gamification tool kit for the project
•    Share his findings with other project partners and present it in events and meetings held by the project. 

The comprehensive report should include, but not limited, to the following:
•    Describe and assess current historical site situations in Lebanon 
•    Develop a global approach on gamification of heritage sites in Lebanon and share the approach with other project partners as required by DGA 
•    Identify sites that may benefit from gamification 
•    Recommend game development at these sites based on similarities/differences with sites and games already implemented within MED GAIMS projects (digital, analogue, main historical components, etc.)
•    Identify local cultural and creative resources for each selected site
•    Identify private stakeholders interested in game development 
•    Identify financial resources for game development, either public or private.  

Deliverables and requirements
•    Submit a report on “Gamification Strategies for Heritage Sites”  in Lebanon divided into 3 stages:

  • First draft expected by end of September 2021, 
  • Interim report expected by end of November 2021  

- Final report expected by end of January 2022. 
•    Submit two articles to be published on the project Website about “Gamification Strategies for Heritage Sites in Lebanon” 
•    Participate in developing gamification tool kit for the project as required by DGA
•    Present the findings of his research including methodology, recommendations and conclusions at three major events organized by MED GAIMS (traveling cost covered by MED GAIMS project):

  • Steering Committee Meeting in Italy (October or November 2021) 
  • Two Fairs in Lebanon and Jordan (between June and September 2022).   

•    Participate actively in project meetings as required by DGA

Kindly submit your offer by August 5th, 2021 (before 12:00PM) at the Directorate General of Antiquities to Mr. Youssef Khalifé (project Manager of MED GAIMS at DGA). Your offer shall include the following two sets of documents:

  • Technical offer
  • Financial offer

Technical offer and Financial offer must be submitted each with a separate envelop which clearly states either TECHNICAL PROPOSAL or FINANCIAL  PROPOSAL. Please add the Financial and Technical envelops into one main envelop clearly identified with ‘MED GAIMS, Cultural Heritage Gamification Strategies’ + [name of the bidder].
For any further information please contact us at: