Digital photogrammetry is applied in the Italian case study of the BEEP project


Last July, the Italian team of ENI CBC Med BEEP project started the survey operations of Palazzo del Clementino. The building is an interesting case study on which to test contemporary methods of digital survey: laser scanner survey, now widely used in survey activities, and digital photogrammetry, used in the present case.
The first methodology returns dense clouds of points, which fits the real shape of the analysed architecture; the second methodology combines geometric data with high quality images. For this work, the research group decided to test photogrammetry to obtain a fast representation of the geometries of the building, reproduced in a digital environment as a point cloud. 
The result produced, that are images in true perspective form, highlights some problems due to the low light that was present during the acquisition phase, especially with regard to the elevations overlooking the very narrow side streets. The main elevation, on the other hand, was in the best lighting conditions, since it overlooks a wider street. A recurring problem along all elevations was the presence of parked cars, which prevented the complete acquisition of the shape of the building.

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