TRANSDAIRY Multifaced Project Evaluation & Multipliler effect

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TRANSborder Key Enabling Technologies and Living Labs for the DAIRY value chain
2.1 Technological transfer and commercialisation of research results
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TRANSDAIRY Multifaced Project Evaluation & Multipliler effect
The TRANSDAIRY Multifaceted Project Evaluation & Multiplier Effect Reports are comprehensive assessments of the TRANSDAIRY project's impact and effectiveness from various perspectives. These reports delve into multiple facets of the project, including its outcomes, achievements, challenges faced, lessons learned, and the overall influence it has had on stakeholders and the dairy industry. Moreover, they explore the multiplier effects of the project, examining how its initiatives and activities have catalyzed further developments, collaborations, and innovations beyond the project's scope. Through thorough evaluation and analysis, these reports provide valuable insights for project stakeholders, funders, policymakers, and other interested parties.
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Agriculture and fisheries and forestry