TRANSDAIRY Living Lab HandBook

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TRANSborder Key Enabling Technologies and Living Labs for the DAIRY value chain
2.1 Technological transfer and commercialisation of research results
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TRANSDAIRY Living Lab HandBook
The TRANSDAIRY Living Lab Handbook serves as a comprehensive guide to the innovative and dynamic living laboratory dedicated to transforming the dairy industry. This handbook encapsulates the essence of the TRANSDAIRY Living Lab, offering a detailed overview of its mission, objectives, and methodologies. It provides a glimpse into the collaborative efforts and cutting-edge research conducted within the living lab, showcasing its role as a hub for experimentation, knowledge exchange, and sustainable dairy practices.
Keep Keywords:
Agriculture and fisheries and forestry ; Education and training ; ICT and digital society ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Knowledge and technology transfer ; New products and services ; Scientific cooperation ; SME and entrepreneurship