TEC-MED model

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Development of a Transcultural social-ethical-care model for dependent population in Mediterra basin
3.2 Social and solidarity economy
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TEC-MED model
The TEC-MED project aimed to develop and pilot a socio-ethic and cross-cultural care model in 6 countries from the Mediterranean basin (Spain, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia). As a results of the formative research carried out in the work package 3, the state of the art, which consists in three activities: analysis of the 20 most promising initiatives in Europe and the Mediterranean basin aimed to the social care of elderly, analysis of the current social care systems in the countries participants though semiestructured interviews and SWOT analysis, a gap analysis through a Delphi study, and, finaly the TEC-MED model development and validation with experts in several meetings. The TEC-MED model is an integrative person-cented model of care for dependent and/or at risk of exclusion elderly people. It has six dimensions (subject of care, social and health providers, environment and system of care, technology, financing and governance), 5 key concepts (quality, research and dissemination, ethic, gender, social inclusion, transculturality), at the three level of management (micro, meso y macro level). The operationalization of the TEC-MED model could be a catalyst to promote quality services based on a socio-ethical and cross-cultural model for the elderly in the Mediterranean basin.
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Social inclusion and equal opportunities
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