Roadmap for marine litter policy priorities

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Fostering knowledge transfer to tackle marine litter in the Med by integrating EbA into ICZM
4.4 Integrated coastal zone management
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Roadmap for marine litter policy priorities
Recognizing the pressing need for a collective, multidisciplinary and coordinated vision and long-term strategy for marine litter management with multiple and widespread levels of endorsement, the Plastic Busters CAP sought to develop a roadmap for marine litter policy priorities aiming to promote and encourage a consolidated and ambitious approach based on scientific evidence and lessons learned from regional efforts.
At the heart of the Plastic Busters CAP roadmap lies the knowhow obtained via the overall Plastic Busters Initiative and the corresponding actions on the science-policy-society interface. The roadmap fully utilizes the collective insights from the interplay of scientific research, policy formulation, and societal engagement. The Plastic Busters CAP roadmap is an action-oriented document that identifies a core set of high-impact solutions to effectively combat marine litter. Geared towards targeted stakeholders, there is a particular emphasis on the national and local levels.
Policy recommendations
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Climate change and biodiversity ; Costal management and maritime issues ; Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks ; Regional planning and development