Pilot Clusters

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Promoting UPcycling in Circular Economy through INNovation and education for creative industries in MEDiterranean cities
2.2 SMEs access to research and innovation
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Pilot Clusters
INNOMED-UP proposes to work with Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) to shift local urban economies towards the principles of the circular economy, including optimal use of material resources, innovation enhancement for SMEs, knowledge transfer among cities, social inclusion and citizens’ engagement.
This document contains the methodology guidelines for the pilot clustering intervention for WP5 (work package 5), wich is the project work-package that tests previous outcomes, by translating all project gathered city circular economy data, into a pilot project to be implemented through a pre-identified cluster road map strategy. The document illustrates the results obtained during the execution of the INNOMED-UP project in the pilots implemented in Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan.
Keep Keywords:
Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; SME and entrepreneurship ; Social inclusion and equal opportunities ; Urban development
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O 5.1 Pilot Clusters_0.pdf