MEDWAYCAP BPs’ Inventory Platform

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The MEDiterranean pathWAY for innovation CAPitalisation toward an urban-rural integrated development of non-conventional water resources
4.1 Water efficiency
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MEDWAYCAP BPs’ Inventory Platform
An open and dynamic resource that plays a crucial role in sharing knowledge and supporting decision-making. With 21 best practices from 9 Mediterranean countries already evaluated and published, the platform has proven its effectiveness in analysing trends and gaps to guide policy and funding. It works as a platform, a web-based business intelligence solution, to inform and disseminate the innovative solutions and practices implemented in the Mediterranean region and beyond. The platform includes the analysis of related issues such as performance, innovation, durability, socio-economic impact, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and others.
E-tools and platforms
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Climate change and biodiversity ; Green technologies ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks ; Knowledge and technology transfer ; New products and services ; Sustainable management of natural resources ; Urban development ; Water management